Thursday, January 29, 2015

At the Vancouver Art Gallery

At the Vancouver Art Gallery I was
more interested in the bargains at the
bookstore than the exhibition itself.
Several precious minutes were spent
browsing through the goods leftover
from the holidays, but there was no
good bargains to be had. Not this
time, better luck next time. Famished,
I sat down on one of the benches
in the lobby and wolfed down my
sandwich of homemade bread and
honey, the syrup sweet, creamy and
unpasteurized. In just a few seconds
I could feel the sugar level rising as
I rested in my little corner, while
the camera in my hands recorded the
surroundings of glass and stone. A
fascinating variety of textures, smooth
and rugged, colors cool and warm
intermingled with shapes of all kinds.

Outside the sun shone its beams on
the winter trees, casting long shadows
on the brick exterior. With one last shot
of the blue reflection across the street,
I headed down the sidewalk and
strolled away to meet up with David...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blooms in January Hooray!

Over the weekend, temperatures
were mild, a walk in the
neighborhood revealed a
flowering bush. Blooms in
January Hooray! What a lovely
surprise! We stood there in disbelief.
After smiles for only a split
second I whipped out the
camera and snapped this shot,
just had to share it with you!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Back to the Swing of Things

This week, off to a good start, I'm back
to the swing of things, it's nice to be busy!
A walk around the neighborhood during
lunch time, something I haven't done for
quite some time. The weather beckoned
me outdoors, a warm invitation, down
the street I went, following a row of older
homes, accompanied by bare trees on one
side. Looking up at their naked branches,
I noticed something I haven't seen for a
while, a sky covered in blue, not absolutely
clear, but only with the slightest and softest
of clouds. Hello blue sky! I've missed you!

On the way back, the branches took note,
a complicated and fine structure of
extensions, the limbs dark with detail,
grazing gently and looking rather pretty
against the mild indigo. It was not long
before strong trunks led me back towards
the road, lined with the queue of local
residences, subsequently a return to reality,
the fact that my lunch break is over, but...

Not without a last shot of one patch of
moss on the ground! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Finally a moment to breathe and say Hello
during this holiday season... Phew! What
a year! And a pretty good year it is with
many lessons learned and matters to
contemplate. To celebrate, the Christmas
tree was up in November, which never
happened before. It was put up in a hurry,
and a couple of days later the angel was
found hanging off the branches upside
down... thankfully it was rescued shortly!

This week the decorations were put
away to welcome the new year. Each one
was wrapped carefully in tissue paper,
ready for the next holiday season...

A discovery was made while the boxes
were stashed away... snowflakes!! Tiny
little beads, round and bugle shaped held
together with wires, each one unique in
their design, just as they appeared in
nature. There were so many ornaments
I made over the years we forgot about
the snowflakes and didn't put them up!

I hope you have a great rest of the Holiday Season!
Looking forward to another fantastic year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Of Trees and Shadows

Continuing on the Pacific Rim Trail on our mini
trip to Ucluelet, the gloomy start of a new morning
was marked with some wave and cloud action, the
sun that finally peeked through the clouds afterwards
beckoned us to head further down the path. Venture
down the trail we did, deeper and deeper into the forest
until there was less, and less of the bright blue sky.

Surrounded by the mature evergreen growth, enclosed
in its protective shroud, the sounds of the ocean
waves a distant sigh. On the gravel walkway, a shadow
of curved branches, its arch an elegant shape.

The slight sea breeze gestured our glance upwards,
an old tree with weathered trunks, its arms reached out
to the sun high above, its leaves soaking up the rays.

A moss caught between the low lying branches,
a very soft green, one of my favorite colors.

Pausing at a bend around the corner, where the
light was at its lowest point, the silhouette made a
clear statement against the pale background, even
the tiniest details were captured, good job camera!

It was time to head back, there were plans to explore
other areas that day, a last shot of the wavy outlook...

... and another of the glistening water. Where will
we head to next? Stay tuned to find out as we
continue on this mini journey in Ucluelet!