Thursday, February 26, 2009

Batik Flower

This painting is inspired by lace designs on this blog and this picture. I painted the dark outlines first as guides for the dew structure in the background. Somehow it has a peaceful feeling about it, I think this Batik Flower (9" x 12") goes nicely with the Colors of Love painting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bread Man

When we lived in Singapore, we had a baker who would deliver his bread to the neighborhood by bike. He would come around weekdays late afternoon, bringing fresh bread to each household, the whitest and softest bread I have ever seen. Smells so good and no crust! Rain or shine he never fails. One day he came around and said it would be his last week as his son had worked a good job for several years and saved enough for his retirement to Australia. Painting size 12" x 9".

The Free Bird

Hallway Attack!

This is the current state of our hallway, filled with prepared canvases and paintings awaiting final details. The Rock Couple was placed there to judge colors, sometimes when you change the surroundings minute decisions would come to light. Nothing was changed for this one except for a final coating.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


To frame or not to frame? That is the question. Frames cost money, why not extend your painting to the sides, then there's no need for frames. Save your money! Give your paintings a three dimensional effect, colors are a lot more interesting to look at. :)

Two paintings yesterday

The light is not as bright as the day before, but I have these ideas swimming inside my head for a while now. Particularly the one of the rock couple has been in my sketchbook, version after version until... the style has been decided and here you go: He's her rock and she's his rock, behold The Rock Couple, 12" x 16".
It has colors on the sides, check it out.
I like how this painting turned out, the dots on the background were particularly fun to mix and apply, if the color didn't turn out I would apply a different color over top and keep dotting and the color would change, creating these paths, these 'journeys' if you will about the canvas.

At the same time I was working on another painting, Birds of Love, 11" x 14". This came to me when I was working on Colors of Love. I wanted a smaller painting to partner it so I thought of flying birds. The shapes were a challenge, I couldn't get it the way I wanted, then I just jot down the shapes as freely as I could imagined and it worked out. The colors are a lot brighter than I had in mind, but now it looks like the birds are alive and flying. I like the dots in the background, looks like they're in motion.
As it turned out, the birds were a distraction to the flower painting, so I paired it with the paintings in my studio. You can see what the area looks like, what a mess! Prepared canvases and cradled panels all over the place!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Colors of Love

The subject is again flowers but this time the style is different, more realistic. It's for our bedroom so I decided a more 'quiet' color palette, pink and blues. Or that is what I had in mind and also what I had worked out in my sketchbook. Interesting thing about painting is the results always turn out different than expected, for me anyways.
The result is a rather smashing looking painting. I asked my husband what he thought of it halfway through and he didn't comment, wise idea. I was a bit horrified at the beginning when I had all that splashy looking colors, not at all what I had in mind!

But I am happy with the result. Unexpected and interesting, this one is called Colors of Love, 24" x 18".

Another creation - Fish Painting

I want to share with you my next painting. This one is created on a cradled panel measuring 6" x 6". Instead of coloring the background first like I've done in the previous Flower Painting I did the outlines of the fish creature first then proceeded to paint the surroundings and finally coloring the fish and other details. This creates a 'comic' effect, I chose this style to convey this hilarious idea that came to me while doodling in my sketchbook.

Update: This painting has been sold!

Do you keep a sketchbook? If so, what do you draw and what materials do you use? Leave your answers in the comments box and I'll reply there as well.

A Flower Painting

We bought a small 2 bedroom apartment 2 years ago and have not had time to decorate it. All in all, we bought an area carpet and a new couch for the living room, and new bathroom and kitchen faucets. The rest of the time goes to doing housework and daily activities.
I have decided to deplete my current stash of canvas bought from a store called Opus from a sale years ago. This painting is for the dining area, we wanted some colors in our very beige apartment so I came up with some bright flowers, round shaped to echo the circle patterns on the living room carpet and the runner by the balcony doors. It was completed in a short 2 hours, I was surprised at the time I took to complete it. A real joy to create and the style is also something new. I've gone free-style as inspired by all the 'loose' illustrative styles out there. Size is 18" x 24".

What this blog is about

I have been visiting some really nice, really creative blogs lately and am very inspired by the beautiful pictures, original creations, unique ideas. It's wonderful to be surrounded by all these creativity. Kudos to all the people that took the time to record and share their awesome finds.

I have to say I would like my blog to be about inspirational wonders too and of art and crafts. I also would like to share with you some of my creations and also my finds along the way. Welcome to my blog!

Sites that inspire me

I just uploaded a few sites (mostly blogs) that inspire me. I like how the internet takes you around the world and you get different inspirations, stories from all the different countries you visit. It's amazing I think how you can travel far and wide from your desktop without spending a penny!