Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two paintings yesterday

The light is not as bright as the day before, but I have these ideas swimming inside my head for a while now. Particularly the one of the rock couple has been in my sketchbook, version after version until... the style has been decided and here you go: He's her rock and she's his rock, behold The Rock Couple, 12" x 16".
It has colors on the sides, check it out.
I like how this painting turned out, the dots on the background were particularly fun to mix and apply, if the color didn't turn out I would apply a different color over top and keep dotting and the color would change, creating these paths, these 'journeys' if you will about the canvas.

At the same time I was working on another painting, Birds of Love, 11" x 14". This came to me when I was working on Colors of Love. I wanted a smaller painting to partner it so I thought of flying birds. The shapes were a challenge, I couldn't get it the way I wanted, then I just jot down the shapes as freely as I could imagined and it worked out. The colors are a lot brighter than I had in mind, but now it looks like the birds are alive and flying. I like the dots in the background, looks like they're in motion.
As it turned out, the birds were a distraction to the flower painting, so I paired it with the paintings in my studio. You can see what the area looks like, what a mess! Prepared canvases and cradled panels all over the place!

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