Friday, April 17, 2009

Cushion Project

I'm taking a break from painting and working on some new stuff in my sketchbook, I'll show you later... For now I'd like to share with you the couch cushions I completed a few months ago. I came up with a simple design: one that's extremely forgiving on crooked lines and different on each side so I have 2 cushions in 1! They are meant to be close-ups of leaf designs.

Here's the one side that uses my green fabric collection.
The other side is blue but still has the same fiery leaf veins.
The green colors worked out rather quickly. The blues I found more challenging but pleasing when paired with the purples. The piping edge proved difficult, had to resew 3 times!
Incidentally I was happy to find today similar colors and impact on this blog (via a link on this post from this blog). Here's the green with the blue!


  1. Hi,

    Great cushions, brilliant color combinations and happy, stylish design. How much would you charge for one? :)


  2. Thanks Minna! Unfortunately the cushions are not for sale, it's too much work for me. :( But I'm glad the colors/design brought joy to others.

  3. I think these cushions will be a big hit if you sell them! Love them too.