Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Inuit Angel

This image came to me one night in my dreams. At first I had numerous 'bird people' all over one painting but I redrew and reworked the concept and came up with one single bird. Inspired by Inuit Art, particularly of internationally renowned Canadian Kenojuak Ashevak, this final image has an overall strong shape filled with smaller lines for feather detail. The result is peaceful. I feel safe as she overlooks my studio area from the hallway. 18" x 14"

Let's look closer at the details...


  1. Hi,

    Your guardian angel :)Great colors in this one. And great if an angel picture makes you feel safer, says your friend who believes in angels.

    I heard from the radio recently that the latest research on developing airplanes has lead into adding some sort of feather or fur on add aero dynamics. Let's see if whether we will see that in our life time. :)

    Hey, more than the angel picture, I like the header of this new blog. Looks like silk scarf, light, happy. I guess my own taste in general is more abract things and this really speaks to me. Lovely, summary, flowery. Great!


  2. Hi M, Glad you like the painting. I changed the blog header to reflect more of my work, more of me. It's actually parts of some of the paintings posted here on this blog!