Friday, May 22, 2009

Birds on Fiery Tree

I haven't painted in 3 weeks, I miss it so I talked myself into it. You must focus young Jedi. I have an 8" x 24" cradled panel since December, I've been thinking what would look good on it. While flipping through a decorating magazine, a tree idea popped up. I quickly sketched it, reworked the shape, colors and added the birds. Here's the finale.
I think it'd brighten up a dimly lit corner, don't you?
Let's see my progress...
I like this side, one branch completes itself around the corner. The 'snowdrops' adds a final touch.


  1. Well done - that is fabulous!

  2. lovely painting and I like how you extended the image on the sides. It will definitely brighten up any corner.

  3. Thanks kawaii crafter (Jessica)! I like the craft ideas on your blog.