Saturday, May 16, 2009

Annual Garden

Hello Victoria Day long weekend! I look forward to this particular May weekend as this means flowers on our balcony. This usually involves a good clean up of our balcony, then a trip to the local garden store. I did this yesterday by walking to the Maple Leaf Garden Centre, 30 minutes away. I took some time at the store deciding on the plants and colors. I'm a beginner gardener, it's my third year. I like to try different plants so we can enjoy a different annual garden.

I got marigolds, haven't tried them before. I was happy with a pink geranium 2 years ago so I got a red one.Petunias are new for me. I can't resist this hot pink color. Yes, it's really this striking color so I snapped them up!
There are other plants in the 2 pots but nothing much to see now. I'll post more pictures as they grow along. :)


  1. So nice and colourful - Summer seems o far away here.

  2. I think it's interesting I can view pictures of summer in Australia while it's still winter here and vice versa. Glad the internet has allowed us to connect this way. :)