Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunshine Coast Summary

A lasting image in our minds.This is our first time visiting the Sunshine Coast, too many things to do in too short a time. We visited the Powell River Historical Museum, located across the campground. Brandon who is a Sliammon gave us a tour. We missed out on many venues including the Powell River Forestry Museum located next to the campground. This couple of days felt like a real getaway and so close to home, only 2 short ferry rides away. We will be back.

Inland Lake

Two locals recommended Inland Lake Provincial Park, which has a 13 km wheelchair accessible trail around the lake. A true beauty shared by all.
Yellow bull lilly, I've only seen them in books!
Some peaceful lookouts from the trail, you can hear the water lapping on the shore.

Willingdon Beach Trail

The people that ran the Willingdon Beach Campsite are super nice, told us of trails that start right from the campground! We headed along the water on the Willingdon Beach Trail. Little did we know of the treasures we'd find along the way. This little boat moved logs.
A D-6 Caterpillar, made in 1941.
There were signs as to what each machinery does and who donated them. This one we thought looked neat.
All kinds of logging machinery by the trail.
This is a Steam Donkey.
We noticed the sun setting and headed towards the water. What a sight!
Everyone left when the light dimmed so we had the beach all to ourselves!
The sun was setting in the distance by the Breakwater of Cement Ships.
Some were made of steel, others concrete and they were commissioned during World War 2.
There is a viewpoint along Marine Avenue where you can see the cement ships.

Powell River

We stayed at Willingdon Beach Municipal Campsite and set up tent by the water. The sea breeze blew gently by the shady trees and all night long through our tent, we felt so spoiled and joked about our only chance at a waterfront property. Our view from our tent site.A babbling brook kept us company nearby.
We went on the Sunshine Coast Trail, just a short drive away. We saw a machinery, not sure about the function, not a soul in sight.
A shipload of logs came in...
awaited delivery pick-up on shore.
It's late afternoon now, so we headed back to camp.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holiday Tidbits Day 2

In the morning we were awaken by scratching noises amongst the trees. Two squirrels were chasing each other, round and round the tree trunk they went. It went on for several minutes until we came out of our tent, then they went their separate ways. One of them peeked at us from a branch while we had breakfast!
Tummies filled we decided to seek out the local arts. Along the highway are Artisan signs, most of them indicated the artist's speciality such as glassblower or pottery. One of the studios we visited was Krystyna Glass where we purchased this beautiful piece.
The rest of the day we travelled from studio to studio. We were delighted to visit the different studios and chat with the creators. The next day we took another ferry to get to Powell River.

Holiday Tidbits

Hello hello! I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I was away on holidays. :) We didn't go far, we went to the Sunshine Coast, came back and then drove up to Quesnel. I'll be posting more on the rest of the trip but for now, just the first couple of days.

We left Vancouver on a ferry to Gibsons and stayed at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. We set up our tent and wandered around the campground, found a trail by the sea.A nice looking home with big windows.
Some California Poppies basking in the sun.
We found a garden with all kinds of pretty summer colors.
A butterfly came to visit a Foxglove.
The evening sun was shimmering through these soft petals, time to head back to camp. A quick dinner and a restful snooze, ready for the next day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ambleside Sunday

Earlier in the week, the weather forecast predicted rain for the weekend. Saturday was cloudy as did the beginning of Sunday, then the sun came out. We decided to head out too, to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. There was Mr. Kite.
Some pretty pinks, very fragrant.
Lightly scented Hawthorn.
Mr. Dragonfly.
Mr. and Mrs. Swan spending a lovely afternoon together.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Story Dream

I've been coming up with decorative ideas for our main entrance. One after another I could not decide, this would be a first impression without a soul to impress. :) I liked the style I developed for Fishy Prism and wanted to continue that in another painting, a bigger one I decided, 30" x 24". The sketch I worked on showed 2 people, having a conversation, what looked like wings in the painting are actually dialogues they're having. They each hold a heart shape, so their interest is a romantic one. The toys near the bottom of the painting, are symbols of travel through time. It will be 18 years as of June 29, 2009 for on that day 18 years ago was the day they met. He was 21, she was just seventeen.

The story is about us, my husband and I. It has been quite a journey, we've been through thick and thin. Neither one knew it would last this long, but we travelled as friends as support for each other. This is an anniversary gift to my husband David.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fishy Prism

I saw a most wonderful piece of craft embroidery on this post from this blog. I've always wanted to paint triangles, fish scales comes to mind, combined with innocent colors to capture the essence of wonder and adventure. 20" x 10"I had fun with the edges. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cool Purple

More pictures from our Annual Garden. These purple petunias are new plants I'm trying out this year.I like the vein pattern on the flowers of this one.