Friday, June 5, 2009

A Story Dream

I've been coming up with decorative ideas for our main entrance. One after another I could not decide, this would be a first impression without a soul to impress. :) I liked the style I developed for Fishy Prism and wanted to continue that in another painting, a bigger one I decided, 30" x 24". The sketch I worked on showed 2 people, having a conversation, what looked like wings in the painting are actually dialogues they're having. They each hold a heart shape, so their interest is a romantic one. The toys near the bottom of the painting, are symbols of travel through time. It will be 18 years as of June 29, 2009 for on that day 18 years ago was the day they met. He was 21, she was just seventeen.

The story is about us, my husband and I. It has been quite a journey, we've been through thick and thin. Neither one knew it would last this long, but we travelled as friends as support for each other. This is an anniversary gift to my husband David.

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