Friday, June 26, 2009

Willingdon Beach Trail

The people that ran the Willingdon Beach Campsite are super nice, told us of trails that start right from the campground! We headed along the water on the Willingdon Beach Trail. Little did we know of the treasures we'd find along the way. This little boat moved logs.
A D-6 Caterpillar, made in 1941.
There were signs as to what each machinery does and who donated them. This one we thought looked neat.
All kinds of logging machinery by the trail.
This is a Steam Donkey.
We noticed the sun setting and headed towards the water. What a sight!
Everyone left when the light dimmed so we had the beach all to ourselves!
The sun was setting in the distance by the Breakwater of Cement Ships.
Some were made of steel, others concrete and they were commissioned during World War 2.
There is a viewpoint along Marine Avenue where you can see the cement ships.

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