Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, Canada's National Day. Normally we just stay in and rest during this holiday but this year we found out the outdoor celebrations at Waterfront Park and decided to check it out.One of the attractions is the Shin Myung Korean Girl Drum Group. A very energetic group I must say, a good start to the day's program.
I managed to get a close-up of their beautifully crafted drums.
While the concert played on we wandered through the craft booths lining the sea walk.
There were activities for families such as mini-golf...
crafting for kids.
Look at this little character, love his hat!
I snapped a shot of this finely dressed gentleman, he's part of the J. P. Fell Pipe Band. They played wonderfully, another concert highlight for us.
Marching up from where they were practicing...
then through the crowds...
and onto centre stage performing for all on this special day.
A detail of their fine costume, as if it's not hot enough!
The entertainment carried on the rest of the day as did the activities. We had enough sun and headed home. Happy Birthday Canada!!

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