Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I would like to end my posts about our holiday at Clinton. Why? As this town holds a special place in our hearts, as do all other places we have visited for the very first time on this road trip. We met many nice people and saw so many beautiful sceneries along the way. It was generous and inspiring, also surprising as I did not know such treasures existed so close to home. I feel lucky to live in British Columbia, I'm proud to say we've lived here 13 years.

Clinton is a small town, population 750 with many interesting historical sites. One of them we visited is the museum which also doubles as the town's tourist info centre. Like the museums we visited on this trip, they are of modest size with many of the artifacts donated by local folks. Each one has a tag label naming donator, preserving town's history and showcasing hometown pride.
We took a special interest in this Edison Amberola 30 wax cylinder player from 1915. Displayed at the front are the wax cylinders that holds a 4 minute song. The attendant kindly asked if we wanted to hear one. Yes please!! we say and there it was, music from long ago brought to life once again.
The wooden case the housed the song collection is particularly interesting, sliding vertical drawer, never seen anything like it.
At the back of the museum is a yard full of old machinery.
I like the blacksmith hut. See the different animal shoes on the left? The symbols at the top are livestock brands.
An artillery loader turned tow truck.
An old fire engine.
Some pictures of weathered wood and lichen growth.
Have you had a nice getaway? Where did you go, what did you do or see?

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