Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cottonwood House

I'm happy to share with you today one of British Columbia's historic treasures. The Cottonwood House was a roadhouse built in the 1860's, owned and run by the Boyd family, it provided food and shelter to those travelling to Barkerville or Quesnel.
The Cariboo Wagon Road that runs through the 26 acre site.
A stage coach would be able to drive up to the house and luggage would be unloaded through the door on the second floor!The general store by the entrance.
The guests' room, this one is for gentlemen only. Notice the white chamber pot under the bed. Our guide Katrina said you would not want to be the last person that uses it as the house rule dictates he's the one that has to empty it!
The big cream colored 'bowl' is a bathtub, made of metal. It'd cost 50 cents for a bath with fresh water from the river that's heated up. Those looking to save could bathe in used bath water for 10 cents! Your preference?
Another guests room, this one is for close friends only. Don't you love the colors?
A dresser in the Boyd's bedroom, the furniture in the house is original.
The kitchen where they cooked up to 10 meals a day.
The preparation table pictured below. The green pail on the floor is an ice cream maker. The kitchen also doubles as a laundry room, the wooden instrument is a 'washing machine.'
The dining area, meals would be served as soon as enough guests were seated at the table.
One of several wooden stoves to heat the house.
Two musical instruments at Cottonwood House, this one's an organ.
Upstairs are the children's bedrooms, this one is for the boys.
The girls' bedroom.
The schoolroom where the children were taught by a resident governess.
The view from one of the windows.
Outside the roadhouse, love the old construction.
The double barn at the site that used to keep the horses and cattle but now housed the lambs.
The chicken were kept indoors at night. How do we know that?
Because we're so lucky to spend the night at one of the rustic cabins on site! For $35 a night it has 3 sets of bunk beds and sleeps 6 (2 adults and 4 kids). It has electric heating and foam mattress, bring your own sleeping bag. There is a shared kitchen cabin nearby complete with stove/oven, microwave and fridge/freezer. There are also hot showers and washroom.
Evening at the Cottonwood site.
We saw cariboos strolling by the highway at dusk.

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