Friday, July 17, 2009

Lac la Hache

On the way to Lac la Hache Provincial Park, we were distracted by the clouds.Then the wind picked up, the trees were swaying.
In a few short minutes, the sky got very dark and tree branches were falling on the road. It started to rain heavily.
Our rule for the road was no hitchhikers, we drove past one and shortly after it started to hail. I suggested heading back to pick the man up. By the time we got to where he was, a tree had fallen and we could go no further. We found him walking towards us amidst the hail and got him home safely. Just as we left his driveway, the rain stopped as if to reward our deed.

Hungry and tired, we arrived at the campground and spent over an hour putting the tarp up. Meal preparation proved to be most challenging as the mosquitos swarmed around me constantly. We ended up eating dinner in the car. Morning came with some comfort, sun to dry the tent.
And a new creation: noodle soup with ravioli and cucumbers.

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