Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lillooet Highlights

Hello visitors! I posted 2 weeks ago about our holiday road trip to the Sunshine Coast and mentioned we also headed up to Quesnel. Here's to continue the second part of our tour...

We knew going to Quesnel takes time (it's 660 Km away!) so we planned to stop over at Lillooet the first night. There were many delays due to road work for the 2010 Winter Olympics. We arrived 10 minutes after the visitor centre closed! Luckily we had researched each area beforehand, noting places to stay and things to do.

With no local map we found and stayed at Cayoosh Creek Campground. The skies that greeted us there!
After dinner we drove around to look about.
We stumbled upon the Old Suspension Bridge, built in 1913 with steel cables and wood, with the middle of the bridge held up by cables.
David and I spent about 2 hours walking up and down snapping pictures and enjoying the view.
Can you see the nest sitting atop the bridge?
I was engrossed by the antique details on the workmanship.
This one I think looks like a face.
I like the patina of the old wood.
A close up of the cable.
Most of all we enjoyed the warm wind which blew and blew while we were there. A girl from Lillooet said it's very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. We can only imagine how cold it must be on the bridge!
A view of the mountains and the Fraser River.
Other highlights at Lillooet is the Miyazaki House which was closed while we were there. Open season starts in 3 days.
Another visitor item is the Jade Trail. Around town are pieces of jade, one of them is pictured here with a sign noting donator and jade variety.

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