Monday, July 13, 2009

Marble Chasm Sheridan

Onward from Marble Lake we passed by Clinton, their visitor centre is closed. Open from Wednesday to Sunday we decided to visit this town on the way back. We drove on, marveled at the scenery that surrounded us, so different from Vancouver.Near Chasm Provincial Park we saw this pair strolling by.
The Chasm (courtesy of BC Parks): At the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago, water from the melting glaciers carried so much silt that it carved the 8 km long, 600 m wide and 300 m deep Chasm.
These marmots spotted us at a nearby farm. Scurrying across the road we stopped the car to snap a few shots.
A few of them took turns to sniff at Dave while I stayed in the car, safe from mosquitos that were banging against the window!
That night we tented at Loon Bay Resort on Sheridan Lake, located on Highway 24 also known as the Fishing Highway. We treated ourselves to steaks, noodle and veggie soup as shown and home made bread brought from home. It rained that night, the first wet night on our holidays. The next day we braved the weather to visit some waterfalls.

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