Monday, July 20, 2009

Williams Lake

Hello Monday! I'm continuing my posts on our holiday tidbits. Did I mention how we plan for our road trip? We went to the visitor centre near our home where the staff provided us with booklets on accommodation and area visitor guides. With that along with info gathered from the internet we brought the printouts and planned as we go depending on time and weather. Along the way we also made it a point to stop by each city's visitor centre to ask for local maps and specific directions. The staff is so knowledgeable, we are deeply grateful. At Williams Lake we planned to see 3 points of interests which we covered in one short afternoon with the help of the staff.

There's Scout Island which is a nature sanctuary and park area. It has a Nature House full of displays and has a TV that shows live coverage on nests' activities nearby. Here's the view from a bird hide.
(Updated September 10, 2009: A kind spirit just told me the bird below is a Cedar wax wing. I like its yellow colored feathers!)
A twitching leaf high up on a branch turned out to be a hummingbird!
Sky reflection.
Purple lovelies.
The Station House Art Gallery is a real treat for me! Filled with local art and history. Long ago it housed the railway station's attendants, one room for the day operator and the other for the night one.

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