Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burnaby Art Gallery Part 2

I'm continuing my post on Deer Lake Park where the Burnaby Art Gallery is located. Another highlight about this park is the pond area located amongst the garden flowers. It's filled with all kinds of greenery and several little frogs. Here's one sunning himself on a lilly pad spying on us!I like the light shining through the blades of this water grass so I took several shots.
We went on the trail that looped around the lake and found blooming lilies.
Sun rays streaming through the leaves above the trail. The afternoon weather is cooler now, I could smell autumn in the air. A realization that soon it will be cold again and that we must make the best of the good weather. :)


  1. Great photos. Love the top one of that little frog. It looks like the Burnaby Art Gallery is a lovely place to visit.