Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marina Highlights

Going through the boating pictures, I found the ones I took of the growth I discovered while walking about the marina. They're organisms that attached themselves to the wooden platforms people walk on. I've forgotten about them and looking back I remembered I would always look for jellyfish or starfish while we're on shore but these were the treasures I discovered that day!I just love the colors of these water beings, don't you?
These are upside down, they're taken that way. If they're right side up, I'd be in the water!
This last one is my favorite.


  1. Hi Novi,

    I just came home from a wonderful day out, tired but happy, and found your lovely message waiting ...so thank you. I will pass on your appreciative remarks to Nicola too.

    Last week I was drawn to water and coastal imagery and painting studies of ocean baths and rockpools so it is a delight to find these amazing photos of yours on a theme not unconnnected to that. I am very seduced also by other images youv'e posted - the mountains meeting bodies of water.
    best wishes,

  2. Love thse pictures - I'm slightly obsessed by weird sea creatures at the moment.