Thursday, September 24, 2009

Electric Streams

I'm sharing more experimental shots today! These were taken the same night as the ones from the last 3 posts.

Let me talk a bit about how the pictures were taken. From what I remembered I prolonged the exposure anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds. Point the camera to the front windshield or through the side window and take the pictures.
Location is important, we picked a fairly busy street with brightly lit store signs. The trails of light in the pictures are the record from the longer exposure.
They reminded me of our visit to Experience Music Project in Seattle, particularly the Jimi Hendrix exhibit. We hung around the museum for 6 hours and wished we could stay longer! It was that good.
So we had great fun with the then new digital camera we still use today. We share one camera. It gets us out. :)


  1. Really neat photos. I especially love the third one.

  2. Cool and very different from any other photos, I have seen.