Friday, September 18, 2009

Streams of Light

As I was going through the boating pictures I found these ones with the streams of light taken a few years ago. I posted one picture last night to test and see how I feel about it. This morning with a much clearer head I liked what I saw and decided to post more of them.

We had just bought a new digital camera and had gone out in the night to explore. I wasn't doing the driving of course so I did a few experimental shots to get to know the camera better. I remembered enjoying the ride but I also recalled a new freedom. There was no worry if the picture didn't turn out, simply delete it. No film developing costs, no worries if the film runs out. It was liberating!


  1. Fascinating Nov! I dont use a camera with any i am completely intrigued with these... Quite fascinating viewing them in a conjunction like this too! Spatially they are interesting and the colours and variation of line curious!

    Just found something to show you...if you go to ..look at the sept 15 post: 'turning my world upside down' ... you will see why!

  2. I saw the post on resurrectionfern sept 15 after I had posted sea reflections Sophie. I thought her husband's pictures are wonderful! Nature is full of visual bounty.