Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sea Reflections

I remembered that evening. We went about in the dinghy slowly, careful not to disturb the amazing scenery that surrounded us. The pure reflection of the land and sky, the water was so calm it was unreal.


  1. Hi Novi,
    These images are superb! I found myself looking at them with slightly squinted eyes and what I saw then were the most extraordinary forms. No matter how you view them they are arresting!
    I cant quite imagine being in the water looking at this!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I've just viewed them with squinted eyes myself, the shapes do pop out. Thanks for the suggestion!
    I'm just so glad to be there to capture nature's wonderful scenery, happy to be able to share!
    Have a great weekend too,

  3. Hi Novi,
    These images are amazing, the light is so crisp and clear, beautiful!

  4. Hi Nicola,
    Thanks for stopping by! Love the growth pictures on your blog, also enjoyed the artwork on your website very much, so inspiring!

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for all your kind words about our work too :)

  6. What an amazing landscape...
    your photos are wonderfull!

  7. Thanks Studio Choo! Love your flowers so very much.
    Lili Scratchy, I think your ceramics and drawings are very interesting but also wonderful!