Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Together Now

Hello Sunday! It's bright and sunny today. The Art Show is next Saturday, I thought I'd put all my paintings up on my notice board to see how they look. I covered an old notice board with leftover fabric and use it to hang my paintings and picture cards collected from local galleries for inspiration. Here you can see 2 paintings I completed in Spring this year, Spring Flowers and Fish Painting, click on their names to read more.This side view below shows some pottery pieces I have collected over the years. The butterfly on the pillow form is made by Amy Chang who will also be showing and selling her pottery at the Art Show. The small blue dish I decided to hang on the wall for that pretty splash of color.
A closer view of the famous five, click here to read more about them.


  1. Novi,

    Your artwork looks so pretty all grouped together. All the pieces compliment each other nicely. Your painting of the little girl looking at the candy made me smile. That would be me, loved candy as a child and I love it now :)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Jessica! It feels good to be young at heart doesn't it?