Monday, March 1, 2010

Glorious Quince

A few shots of quince to remember one of Canada's proud moments. It started off with Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the first ever Olympic gold medal won on home turf.
Throughout the last 2 weeks, Canadian athletes hauled in the highest number of gold medals at any Winter Olympic Games, a total of 14. The last gold medal was awarded at the last event this afternoon to Canada Men's Hockey Team, a shining end to the glorious games.
As the local news played "I Believe" after the Olympics closing ceremony, tears of joy came to my eyes. I cannot help but feel emotional as I watched snapshots of victorious Canadian athletes. I also feel sad as I realized the 2010 Olympic Games have now come to an end.
It has been an exciting 17 days here in Vancouver. People have been adorning the red and white national colors and gathering at various venues throughout the city to cheer the home team and celebrate various wins. As I was watching the games on TV at home, I could really feel the energy of the crowds. This euphoria is also sensed throughout the country.
Having lived here for 13 years I've always known Vancouver is a multicultural city. We have many residents from different cultural backgrounds that make this city their home.
But it is truly an honor for Vancouver to host the 2010 Winter Olympics and welcome the whole world at the same time. An honor I don't think we can easily forget.

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