Monday, February 22, 2010

Seven Things and Windows

Last week I was tagged by P.K. From what I understand the basic rules to this game is to tell 7 random things about yourself readers don't normally know, then you mention which blogs you're tagging and finally you leave a comment on those blogs saying they've been tagged.

Here's my 7 things:
I've lived in 3 countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Canada.
At one of my past jobs I wired several audio mixing consoles, the kind that disc jockeys use at radio stations.
I speak some Mandarin, I can read some too.
I like shiny things, I think I must've been a crow or a magpie in my past life.
I've been listening to Pet Shop Boys for over 20 years.
Little things make me happy, even just having burger and fries makes me smile. When I mentioned this to one of my teachers he said I'm very lucky.
When I eat I leave the best for last.

I would like to tag Jutta, Nicola, Susan and Ben and Suanne. Okay people no pressure, and only if you want to!

I'm also sharing some pictures of windows I took last week, since we're on the subject of looking in.


  1. Thanks for playing along. An interesting list. Little things make me ridiculously happy too, like a patch of sunshine on the wall at certain times of the year. I enjoyed your photos of windows, reflections and shadows are fascinating.

  2. Image No 2 is the stuff of my dreams. Very beautiful. I'm happy to be tagged. now i have to think up my list!

  3. Thanks for sharing little facts about you, it's so interesting getting to know you a little more :) As for myself... I'm going to be really boring... I've already done this thing, you can find it here if you'd like
    It's only in finnish though... sorry!

  4. P.K.: Thanks for the opportunity!

    Susan: So enthusiastic! I'm looking forward to your list.

    Jutta: No problem! I actually checked to see if you've been tagged but it didn't show since it's in Finnish. Google translated your page, it's true there's some premium food for dogs which makes our human food look so inferior.

  5. Hi Novi,
    Thank you for including me, I will have a go.

    Eating custard makes me sick.
    I have five pet chooks called Salty, Pepper, Snowflake, Tufty and Steely.
    I ate an earthworm when I was four, and like to think it has contributed to my good health.
    I saw the first rays of a sunrise shine on the peak of Mt. Everest.
    I have a strong sense of smell.

  6. Nicola: I looked up what chook means, it's chicken, I too kept a chick but only for a month and ended up giving it away. That must be some view from Mt. Everest. Yummy earthworm? I played with some as a child. Thank you for playing along!