Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Birds

I normally take my walks in the afternoon but yesterday, despite the cold grey weather, decided to head out first thing in the morning. Attracted by the chirpings of birds I wandered down a street to investigate and was rewarded by their company.

A robin taking its bath.
A Stellar's Jay overlooking a yard.
I'm unsure of this bird's name but I sure like its red feathers.
This one is new to me, I like its red cheeks!
The street where the birds hung around. They got 'noisier' when the sun peeked out.


  1. Great photos Novi, the Jay bird is beautiful.

  2. The Jay caught my eye as well. Lovely photos.

  3. Thanks Nicola and P.K. The birds are usually too fast for the camera but that day I just snapped away and did not hesitate. Glad to be able to share these!