Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Monday

The magnolias are blooming all over the city, there's quite a few different varieties. I noticed these white ones on my late afternoon walk. I was not the only one admiring them. Mondays aren't so blue after all.


  1. Found here through p.k. You have a lovely blog :)

    Magnolias are so beautiful, unfortunately they do not thrive in Finland, so thank you for the pictures.

  2. Magnolia's are my favourite spring flower, lovely photos. They have a very short flowering time here, due to the weather. My mother has a beautiful tree, and somehow I always miss the days it is in full flower.

  3. Beautiful photos... I've actually never seen magnolias in real life only in pictures, but they look gorgeous.

  4. Lotta: Welcome and thank you! :) I didn't know magnolias don't do well in Finland, I'm glad to be able to share.

    P.K.: I just found out magnolias flower briefly in Eastern Canada! Magnolias are one of my favorite flowers as well, there's something majestic about them.

    Jutta: It was only when I moved to British Columbia that I'm surrounded with magnolias, they seemed to be popular here. Happy to share!