Wednesday, March 3, 2010

China Trip Forbidden City Part 3

Hello Wednesday! We are continuing our midweek series on China, click here to see previous posts.

On our way to the entrance of the Forbidden City, we passed by this building that seemed out of place.
The carved details has some Eastern influence, but the structure is definitely Western. Our map did not mark where we were and foolishly we did not read the sign.
For 2 years it puzzled us... until recently, Dave found an old map on the internet that named it the Crystal Palace, also known as the Palace of Continuing Happiness. He also found a short video that talks about its history, click here to see.
It looked unfinished, a metal frame with windows and floors to be made of glass and water filled with aquatic life to surround the lowest floor, see picture below. The idea is to enjoy this aquarium view through the glass, I think this concept was ahead of it's time.
One of the last doorways we walked by. This happens to be my favorite, the green doors against the red walls just speaks Chinese.
The entrance guards keeping an eye on the crowds. This one told me to keep moving when I stopped to take a picture.
Just outside of the Forbidden City is Tiananmen Square, teeming with local tourists. I had seen many news stories of this square and as I stood there amongst the crowd, it finally occurred to me I am in China. And this is only my first day.

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