Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Nature Mobile

An old friend wanted a mobile for the baby's room but could not find one she liked so I offered to make her one. I have never made a mobile before, I saw many that looked interesting, still I wanted my first mobile to be unique and from the heart. I thought what can I give her, all the way from Canada to Finland, a friend of almost 30 years. My inspiration came from the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, I am so proud we showed Canada's land and sea, the nature I had come to love while living in Canada.

Done on heavy weight water color paper, the shapes were first lightly penciled and then colored in. They were cut out with a sharp knife and edges painted with acrylic paint for strength. On the other side, poems of nature composed and written by me. Grommets were hammered in and fishing line tied to wires to construct a balanced network of a nature scene. I had the pleasure of enjoying it for a couple of days in the hallway before shipping it away, it has now arrived with best wishes to accompany the little one in his very own room.