Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yangtze River Postcard Day 10 Shen Nong Stream

It's... that time of the week we escape to China! Lots of pictures and wonderful memories to share so let's continue with Day 10 of our journey, click here to see all posts.

After cruising through Qutang and Wu Gorge, the ship docked and passengers were transfered onto a smaller boat to continue through Shen Nong Stream. Pictured below a simple house from the olden days, made of wood and built on stilts, the whole family lived self sufficiently from the land. We were told the water would rise an additional 50 meters which meant old homes like these would be submerged and lost forever.
Around the corner, an adorable earth red temple with round windows and sweeping roof, would this be gone too?
Lots of bamboo growth on the hills, their branches swayed gently in the cold breeze. This was our second damp day, some passengers were complaining.
Grumbling aside, the mist brought out the region's better views, I could not get enough of this dreamy countryside.
Below local passenger boats rowed their way around a hillside covered with native grass, they have a slight purple tinge and moved about ever so slightly in the soft wind.
Our boat passed by numerous crowded commuter boats, their long oars allowed for efficient water travel. Some locals smiled and waved, we waved back, I had never felt more welcome in any of my travels.
Smaller wooden boats tied to the shore, a humble scene that spoke of serenity and tranquility.
Local goats grazing in the distance, a delightful discovery! The one in the middle left has horns, can you see the baby goat on the lower right?
More gentle landscape curves, a few fires burning garbage for fertilizer and another long flight of steps to reach the homes.
Pictured below the Shen Nong Stream security check point, our boat did not moor there nor did others. I chuckled when I came across this photo as it looked like it was closed during peak tourist season.
Some newer buildings on shore, the crisscross design seemed formidable. Its lovely warm shade a strong complement to its soft surroundings.
Under the turquoise roof, we traveled further towards the city of Badong.
The hills turned into limestone cliffs. A common subject for Chinese paintings, I could hear the brushstrokes rustled against the rice paper as its rugged forms materialized.
The bluffs were not the only parts that caught my attention, the formations along the water were interesting too.
Below, angled jagged layers contrast against the prolific growth.
Our guide Jessica pointed out a swallow cave, I think she said it was 100 meters tall. It would be nice to see this up close.An attempt to capture the birds and their nests, I could not see any but this was an intriguing shot, no?
Back to soft lingering shapes in the distance as we enter the city of Badong.
The handsome buildings below is Shen Nong Tourism Centre.
We neared a boat anchored on shore, which looked just like the one we were on. Its orange roof a cheery feature, the lower deck equipped with a huge flatscreen TV that played videos of river views, we stayed mostly on the upper deck to experience the real deal. Next week the China adventure continues with a shore excursion so... stay tuned!

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