Thursday, August 26, 2010

China Journal Day 12 Shanghai First People's Hospital Day 13 Shanghai Bund

Hello readers! We continue with this week's edition of our China trip to... the Shanghai First People's Hospital. I debated if I should blog about this, but we must be prepared in all our travels no? Let's hear the story.

We were having dinner at the hotel restaurant when David fainted, he awoke a minute later. The hotel manager phoned the ambulance and recommended Shanghai First People's Hospital as it had a foreign wing with English speaking staff. At the hospital the doctor recommended one night stay to keep an eye on him and requested I to remain as well. The next morning, blood tests revealed he was fighting an infection, the doctor ordered an x-ray and EKG. The x-ray showed he had acute bronchitis, antibiotics was prescribed and he was discharged.

Total cost for ambulance and hospital was 2,450 RMB ($350 Canadian), all was reimbursed by our travel insurance. The room alone cost 800 RMB per day ($115 Canadian) and was the most expensive stay in all of our China trip. It was clean and very modern with a flat screen TV. However the wing for the locals was different, a few patients crowded in one room, beds side by side, nowhere near as clean nor as bright. The sight made our hearts sink.

On the other hand I am very grateful towards the hotel and hospital staff. When David fainted 2 staff members helped us back to our room. At the hospital they made sure we were taken care of, toast was delivered hot, we even had a 'personal guide' that took us to the x-ray and EKG department. A diligent fellow, he chose the most efficient route away from the crowds. I also remembered the 4 people that held the suction cups for the EKG as the cups would not stick to David's hairy chest and legs! We still laughed at the fact that the EKG bed was not long enough for him, neither was the ambulance stretcher! We were very lucky to be surrounded by kind and caring souls during this worrisome time.

Back at the hotel we showered and ate dinner at a Hong Kong style cafe nearby. Tummies filled with hot congee and steamed meat buns, we walked along Nanjing Road towards the Shanghai Bund. Pictured below, the group of historical buildings along Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu or East Zhongshan First Road, commonly known as the Bund.
The building with the clock is the Shanghai Customs house, lit up at night it looked grand and elegant. Click here to learn more about all the other buildings on the Bund.
Below the famous Peace Hotel with its emerald green roof. Built in the early 1900s, the landmark's unique interior design has a strong Renaissance influence. We wanted to stay for just one night and dine at one of its 17 restaurants. The Old Jazz Bar would have been a delightful experience too! Imagine having Irish coffee and listening to live entertainment by veteran musicians that had played for an international audience such as former American presidents Carter and Reagan. But alas the hotel was closed for renovation during our visit.
Across the road from the Bund, snack shops lined the street along the Huangpu River, the air was filled with all kinds of aromas. Many locals and tourists were out enjoying the warm Autumn evening.
The view of Pudong district from the Bund, brightly colored lights adorn the buildings by the river. On the left the tall one with the 2 spheres is the Oriental Pearl Tower, the world's third tallest tower at 468 meters. Equipped with an elevator that went to the very top, its contemporary shape somehow reminded me of the Sputnik.
A close up of the lower sphere that housed a futuristic space city and a sightseeing hall. On the bottom left is the Shanghai International Convention Centre. In the foreground a Huangpu River Cruise Ship with blue lights, we thought this would have been a nice way to explore the water front.
To the right of the tower, more high-rise decorated with ever changing LEDs. They displayed mesmerizing advertisements, such as the one on the AURORA structure on the very right.
We stayed a little while longer and enjoyed the light show.
A last look at the Pudong district across the water, a completely different exhibition of colors. I like the pink and green ones on the right.
We could stay for hours but had to leave for an early head start the next day. Too tired to walk, we hired a taxi back to the hotel. Laundry was done quickly and off to bed.

Next week our China adventure continues... with a different venue!


  1. I am glad that the hospital experience was not all that serious, but worrisome indeed. One really gets to know a country by encountering the medical system, a knowledge most times better avoided. I enjoyed the night photos and the beautiful colours of the lights and reflections. Another wonderful post, thank you.

  2. Glad he was ok and looked after so well. Love the lights of the city.