Thursday, September 16, 2010

China Journal Day 14 Shanghai Train Station

Welcome to the weekly edition of China series! Today we continue with Day 14 of our journey. We arrived at the Shanghai Railway Station, the building was a lot bigger than we thought, it was gigantic!We walked closer to the entrance and saw many people had already arrived. It was very crowded by the ticket counter but we found the line up for Suzhou, each ticket cost 26 RMB (about $4 Canadian). The next available train was not until 12:10 PM, we had over an hour of free time so we decided to explore around the station.
There was a lot of people waiting around just like us. The platform with the cartoon character was especially popular, numerous individuals sat on the steps. I was curious as to where all of them were going.
Pictured below, more people sat around the other side of the platform. Seating ran out so others decided to squat. We were surprised to find such a crowd at the railway station, it must be crazy during peak travel seasons and holidays.
A short ways away, many more were crouched down. The ones below looked like migrant workers, some had brought straw mats and sat relaxed, visiting with their company. Others decided to use their luggage as seats, the yellow colored ones were very common.
Nearby a group of women gathered, more cheery colored sacks were used as stools, I could not help but wonder what were in those bags?
There was quite a few families with young children, but this little girl with the red poms poms in her hair was the most adorable of them all.
As we watched the people around us, little did we know we were also being observed. The fellow by the golden bag pictured below was noticing our every move. I did not see him until the stylish lady in the white pants walked by. After a few more minutes of scrutinizing stare he got up and left.
A lone traveller, his belongings hung from a stick on his shoulders, was he going home?
The stuff in the checked sacks must be very heavy, the man on the right bent over quite a ways to support the load on his back.
Baggage was not the only carry on item, these workers were transporting a compressor as well as a pile of buckets.
A drink, smoke and map shop in the corner of the railway station. Coca Cola was prominently displayed on the store sign in English and Chinese.
The loudspeaker announced it was time to head indoors to board the train. A last shot before putting the camera away, next week our China adventure continues!

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  1. Train stations are good people watching places.