Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shanghai Diary Day 14 The People's Square

Hello! Let's escape to China as we continue with Day 14 of our trip! We were on our way to the People's Square Subway Station en route to Suzhou. Pictured below the main road by our hotel, in the distance to the right, we could see the brown disc shaped building known as the Shanghai Museum. This was taken at about 10 in the morning, we stood on one of the numerous walkways and noticed the traffic was still bustling.On the other side of the walkway, the view of the 8 lane traffic. No pedestrian crossing was in sight, although the roads were clearly marked. I did not know what the Chinese characters said but thought this might be a good idea to direct traffic.
After a few minutes of walking we arrived at the People's Square. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing, I remembered all the benches were occupied, quite a few people were strolling by. I wondered if they had similar park activities like the ones in Xian?
We wandered around the park a bit and found the bus depot we briefly stopped at on our first night. Pictured below, another view of the public garden with the bus stops on the left.
The park was surrounded by uniquely shaped buildings, I do not know which companies built them but here are a few to share with you! The sharp angular structure on the left was a stark contrast to the rounder shaped one on the right.
The tall and grey tower was one we frequently passed by, a formidable shape, it stood tall and strong. To the left a much shorter column, its color the deepest of green. The windows on the upper levels were built slightly curved, it made the building looked as if it was reaching for the sky.
Picture below, a very sharp looking building on the left, I instantly thought of Transformers and imagined the structure converting itself into a shiny giant robot. Boy would the ground shake as it stomped across the park!

We found some very futuristic looking buildings that day, I wondered what inspired the architects?
On the edge of the park, a coin operated public washroom. Four unisex stalls in total, the doors unlocked when the correct amount of fare was received. It was equipped with an on site maintenance crew and extremely popular with the locals.
Also located at the park, a police station. It seemed friendly and approachable with the cutest looking patrol car parked out front. We saw a few of them in operation in Beijing Wangfujing and Xian bus station, they were very quiet, were they battery powered?
We spotted the sign for the Shanghai Metro, a letter M in a circle colored in red. The platform on the right gave way to stairs that led to the underground station.
It was very hot and humid at the basement tunnel, luckily for us the subway came in just a couple of minutes.
Next week our China escapade continues!


  1. Very different from the river cruising scenes.

  2. A nice change to the cityscape scenes. First time I had seen street level pictures of Shanghai. It looked so much like any big Asian cities ... Taipei, Tokyo and such. All the images of a hazy city is not quite true is it? Shanghai looked very clean. Ben

  3. Interesting city views. I noticed a KFC in one of the photos. Another interesting visit.