Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shanghai Postcard Day 14 Around the Hotel

Let's carry on with our China trip today! Our destination for the day was Suzhou, we needed to take the subway and a short train ride to get there. After a filling breakfast, we headed for the subway station at the People's Square, about 15 minutes walk away. There are so many pictures to share I am splitting them into a few posts!

The neighborhood around the hotel was older, much like the one in Beijing. I like the older area and am glad for the chance to explore. Pictured below a typical low-rise, shops on the main street with residences on top.
Many people were out and about that morning, neighbors were visiting with one another. Below a happy gathering at a small eatery nestled amongst the residential complex. There was no seating area, perhaps a take out joint? On the left, the wall menu listed reasonable prices, on the right a floor sign displayed the store's phone number.
A short ways down the street, a cobbler chatted with a neighbor as he waited for customers. On the black gate behind him, written in white chalk, Chinese characters said 'shoe repair'. To the right a barber's pole with familiar red, white and blue stripes, the area was populated with barber and hairdressing shops.
Parked by the road, a sidecar motorbike, I wondered what it would be like to ride in the sidecar. Across the street, a bike shop with very colorful vehicles, I would like the red one with the yellow wheel please!
We came across a delivery tricycle, the load must be very heavy, the driver rode slowly and steadily. I admired his smart-looking uniform, especially the bright yellow stripes.
Another 3 wheeler, this one stacked high with flattened boxes and big plastic bags, on its way to the recycling depot perhaps?
A shop on a bike! Wood and metal clothes hangers, brooms and brushes, the man specialized in household goods. This was the only peddler we saw, were there others?
A whole row of bicycles that spanned the entire block! Bicycles seemed to be the favorite choice of transportation in the neighborhood. We did not see many cars or taxis until we neared the main road.
Stopped at the lights by the main road, another delivery tricycle filled with gallons of drinking water, the motorbike on the left was transporting a basket filled with flowers.
A last shot of the neighborhood across the street as we continued our walk towards the Shanghai Metro Station.
Next week Day 14 of our China adventure continues!

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  1. Great street scenes, look forward to the next post.