Thursday, October 28, 2010

China Journal Day 15 Guilin Around the Hotel Part 1

Hello Thursday! We carry on with our China trip and bid farewell to Shanghai as our plane landed in... Guilin!

Oh Guilin, I heard so many stories about its beautiful scenery as a child I am so glad for this opportunity to see it all for myself! However little was found about this small city during our research and our stay was brief so we decided to join a tour to accomplish more things to see and do. At the airport counter, the tour tickets were too pricey so we passed. Luckily for us, the cab driver drove so slowly we caught sight of CITS (China's biggest travel agency) near our hotel, where we purchased tour tickets for 30% less than the ones at the airport!

After a quick bite at a dim sum restaurant nearby, we checked into our rooms and were greeted by this scene of Shanhu Lake below.
We napped for part of the afternoon then ventured out towards Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan). Pictured below the view from the park located next to our hotel, a perfect reflection of twin pagodas and the surrounding trees silhouetted against the soft colored sky. What I like most about this was the two tiny glowing suns.
Another perspective at the same site accompanied by hanging branches from a nearby tree. The camera captured several different compositions, we could stay there forever in its calming atmosphere but there was more to explore.
The path led us away from the lake through the park, all was quiet except for a few visitors. Amongst local tourists there was a couple of young children selling artificial roses. We came to realize Guilin was not as crowded as other Chinese cities we had visited.
There were not as many flowers either, the only ones we came across were by the white sphere pictured below.
By the main road, the slow-moving delivery man with the smart looking white hat caught our attention. A cart overfilled with toilet paper, where was he going?
We continued walking along Binjiang Road and saw there was not as many cars as there was in Beijing or Shanghai.
Just like other parts of China, we noticed man powered wheels were the best choice for hauling. Below older television sets on the go, probably replaced by flat screens, I counted 8 of them and hoped they were being recycled.
Following the TVs came the bike with balloons, brightly colored covered with cartoon characters they would cheer up any kid!
Under the shady canopy, on the very wide sidewalk a few youngsters were rollerblading. Although I do not rollerblade I wondered if there was a rental shop close by.
Bikes left by the stone fence on the paved path, where were the riders?
Lots more bicycles parked neatly side by side. We saw many sights like this throughout our China visit, despite the increase of road vehicles we were pleased to see the two-wheeler was still the choice of transportation of the people.
Across the street by the little supermarket, a spiffy looking compact car, one of the very few we encountered in China. Colored in roaring red complete with dragon head and flames, waiting for its driver to return.

On this note, I pause this post as we continue next week with another episode on our China escape!

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  1. I'm loving all the pictures you've been sharing. The park pictures are gorgeous.