Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suzhou Diary Day 14 Humble Administrator's Garden Part 2 of 2

It's been a hectic week but there is still time to escape to China! Last week we discovered the Humble Administrator's Garden, let's linger there just a bit longer and relax with nature...

A serene corner surrounded by neighboring still water, a perfect spot to contemplate or catch up with friends.A short ways away, a row of windows with a blue diamond pattern on its glass, a sophisticated feature in an elegant setting.
Below the windows, a most delightful surprise! A crowd had gathered to watch a busy bunch of Mandarin Ducks sleeping, feeding and grooming themselves.
A close up of a handsome male swimming nearby, the colors of its feathers are gorgeous, love the blue! In Chinese culture, marital bliss and fidelity are symbolized by a pair of Mandarin Ducks, it is believed they are mated for life.
It was hard to pull away from our fine feathered friends, but the sun was setting and there was still much of the garden to see. Pictured below a pathway zigzagged amongst reflected greenery, walkways are twisted so visitors can appreciate the surrounding beauty at an easy pace.
Another meandering trail, the moon shaped entryway is very inviting, let's stroll together!
To the left, a stone pagoda, a decorative accent in the company of lotus leaves.
Around the corner, another twist could be seen in our path ahead, we sure enjoyed the curves in the garden.
One of many inspiring locations in the garden, no wonder we saw several artists, the one below sat painting the pavilion across. The patches of orange and yellow in the distance were blooming chrysanthemums, two flowing fiery shapes, I wondered if they would be included in the final work.
In this quiet area, another artist worked away, the covered bridge in the background had a most admirable handrail, the design is similar to the one here.
It was getting dark, a small unexplored part of the garden remained. Under the shady canopy, we stopped for a drink of water before marching on.
Some buildings in the silent back quarters of the garden, few visitors loitered here.
A long straight trail to the exit, to its right a thick grove of bamboo, their leaves rustling in the gentle breeze.
Below one of the last moon shaped gateways before leaving the garden, I like the wavy tiled roof, it reminded me of the dragons in Chinese paintings. On the left, the setting sun cast a rich golden hue on the walls.

One lasting image of the Humble Administrator's Garden, a peaceful scene of a river boat floating on the glasslike water surface. The garden was a most enjoyable visit, each step rewarded us with yet another visual delight, it was hard to leave! But we move on in the hopes of making more new discoveries on our China journey next week!


  1. The mandarin ducks have such vivid colours. I love ducks and these are very beautiful.

  2. Thank you Novi for showing this wonderful garden!
    So inspiring, i would truly like to go there some day :)