Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guilin Diary Day 16 Along Li River Part 2

Welcome to this week's post on our China trip as we continue cruising on the Li River in Guilin!

At around noon, good smells from the kitchen began to waft through the decks and passengers were asked to be seated at tables. Our guide asked if we would like to try some local delicacy in addition to the set menu. Guilin is well known for their stir fried snails, deep fried shrimp, fried or steamed fish, all harvested from the Li River. Each dish would cost between 60 to 90 RMB ($9 to $13 Canadian). We thought this was pretty steep compared to our 79 RMB dinner the night before, so no special orders at our table but others were quite adventurous.
Some yelling and honking soon followed, then our ship slowed down to allow a small vessel to come close, the same one pictured below. A swift exchange of goods and money took place and the fishing boat motored away.
A close up of the fishermen, their pails and buckets once filled with the catch of the day were now empty.
Lots of happy sounds came from the kitchen, wok clanging and swift chopping action. Shortly after, plates of lightly battered shrimp and snails with garlic and chilli began to appear, they sure smelled good. As we ate, we noticed not everyone was working hard, 2 ladies at a nearby ship sat on the left rail idly chatting away. The staff continued fixing our meals while the engine bellowed a cloud of smoke to speed up.
Lunch was very good, a variety of tofu, vegetables and chicken dishes with seaweed soup and pickles and fried peanuts as appetizers. We sat and chatted with travellers from Australia, New Zealand, and Los Angeles USA. Some had visited Guilin before and recommended a bike trip in Yangshuo, where we would arrive by 2 PM. The food quickly disappeared and everyone returned to the viewing decks.

Remember the cleaning crew? Instead of orange vests, the workers here wore red rubber gloves, all were seated on shore taking a break.
Others further down the shore continued combing for garbage, they were not in army uniform and were dressed in civilian clothes.
A different kind of cleaning below, 2 ladies with their laundry, the one with the baby on her back was scrubbing clothes on the rocks while the other rinsed hers in the water.
As our boat continued along the camera captured some sweeping shorelines.
We noticed some uniquely shaped ridges, to me these looked like upside down cones.
Some brilliantly colored algae amongst the sand and rocks. In the background a pile of stones...
...which led my eye to this interesting rock formation. It reminded me of the ones on the Yangtze Cruise along Shen Nong Stream.
Ahh... a picturesque view, distant mountains in a soft shade accented by a lone bamboo raft and a stream of river swept rocks.
Hills in graduating gradations, sceneries such as these attracted many to Guilin.
As we busied ourselves with the camera our ship began to slow down, we noticed we were getting further and further away from other boats. Next week we find out the reason why.

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  1. Another fabulous post, thank you. What a journey this was!