Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guilin Diary Day 16 Li River Cruise Part 1

Hello! I am very excited today to continue with our China trip in Guilin, there are so many pictures to share on this part I am splitting them into a few posts!

The day before we had purchased tickets for a cruise on the Li River, our morning got off to an early start, meeting the tour guide at the hotel lobby at 8 AM sharp. After an hour of driving around town, all passengers were gathered up and dropped off at the dock, where several ships left at the same time. Pictured below, off to a good start, traffic jam on Li River.
The vessel we were on looked just like the one below, a triple decker with a roof top viewing patio, a middle part sheltered part open level and a bottom covered seating area with kitchen at the back. The staff who was busy loading pots and food at the harbor was seen hastily preparing lunch.
A short ways down the river, our boat captain decided to keep some distance from the rest of the fleet. See the tight zigzag corner up ahead? Some vessels could be heard bumping against each other!
Cleanliness was a big concern along the water, we saw numerous cleaning crews, the ones here rowed slowly up and down on the bamboo raft, picking up pieces of floating litter by hand.
Others were seen scouring the shores.
The turquoise blue fishing boat above was not the only smaller craft on the river. This one below was of similar size, its roof a storage for green netted traps, they looked like the ones for catching crabs, or was it shrimp? I wondered what kinds of creatures lived in the water.
Another bamboo raft moved steadily along the banks, this one was not collecting garbage.
The rafter later disembarked and made her way amongst the grassy shores, bent over with a bag in the left hand, seemingly in search of something.
A few minutes later, she returned to her vessel with a fuller bag and rowed away, I could not see what she found.
I turned my head towards some quacking noises, ducks on the river! They looked well fed and were very lively. Most of them had their behinds facing me but the camera managed to capture one looking sideways, its beak a bright yellow.
We were well on our way down the river, rolling hills began to appear in the distance. In the foreground a long wooden boat with 3 occupants, a single rower and 2 seaters.
Nearby a single rower, the only occupants. The water was so calm it formed a perfect reflection of the toiling elder.
More heights in view, they came in a variety of shapes, these were small and round.
Others were taller and steeper.
Yet another bamboo rafter making its way towards the bluffs, we came across lots more as we cruised along the river.

Join us next week for another episode of our China adventure!

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