Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guilin Diary Day 16 Yangshuo Around Town Part 1

Hello Thursday! It's cold and raining heavily at the moment, let's stay warm and dry indoors and escape to China instead.

After a 2 hour delay on our Li River cruise we finally arrived in Yangshuo. It appeared everyone else had the same idea, the harbor was crowded with cruise ships of all sizes, the piers filled with tourists from all parts of the world. We managed to squeeze past everyone and headed into town.

On the Yangtze River cruise we met a Belgium couple who recommended the Mini Mao Cafe in Yangshuo, where they found a guide named Wendy who took them on a wonderful bike ride. So off we went in search of this cafe down West Street (Xi Jie in Mandarin), pictured below lined with tourist shops.
Further down a much quieter part of the lane, only a few visitors were wandering about, it was nice to have the area mostly to ourselves.
There were lots of cafes around but not the Mini Mao we were looking for. This one looked inviting with the wrap around balcony where guests could relax and enjoy the street views below.
At first glance the white tablecloths and chairs resembled a coffeehouse in Paris but the backdrop of lattice windows with Chinese designs proved otherwise.
Continuing on the main street, off to one side, a quiet square surrounded by interesting architecture and advertisements that were much too loud.
Just a few steps away onto the main road, we discovered the area was edged with an established growth of trees and mountains.
The hills instantly reminded us of the ones we saw on Li River.
Delighted by the ridges we continued further down and were amazed to find such natural scenery right in the middle of the town.
There was not a single high-rise to obstruct the view, in fact a lot of the buildings were only a couple of stories high.
A row of stores, is Mini Mao Cafe here? Our eyes searched up and down with no luck, they were mainly bike rental shops.
A different kind of business, a dental clinic right on the busy drive. Moments before, a dentist was working on a patient while a group of European tourists looked on... not very private!
We began to notice some hardworking bikes on the street, this man was giving his elderly mum a lift.
Another three wheeler with a passenger, this couple was on their way to deliver some heavy looking sacks.
It seemed all the carts were overfilled including this one below with 2 mattresses! Which one do you like, red or green? In the background a bus with curtains to adorn its windows, something we don't see much in Canada but a common feature in China.
A man with cases of fresh produce enough to feed a crowd, is he off to market?
This lady definitely is! Her bicycle equipped with a cart on an extra wheel, her goods some pretty colored scarves and traditional chinese clothes for kids and ladies. She continued on as did we, join us next week for another episode of China escape!


  1. Such a beautiful town. I noticed that the streets are spotlessly clean too.

  2. Hi Ben and Suanne: Yangshuo is truly beautiful, we were glad we stopped by. Throughout our China visit, we came across many workers sweeping the streets, some cities (Beijing and Xian) clean their streets with sweeping trucks, their efforts was sure noticeable.

  3. Another fascinating glimpse of daily life in China, I so enjoy your people at work shots.