Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guilin Diary Day 17 Yangshuo Biking Around the Village Part 2

A BIG hello and welcome to the last post on our China trip for 2010! I am thrilled to continue with our bike ride in Yangshuo, it was off to a great start but there is lots more to share.

As we rode through the village, oh the view of the country that greeted us. The background of fading mountains a lovely compliment to the patches of cultivated green.
An equally pretty scenery, below one of numerous farmlands along the bike route, but there was something in the field that caught our attention.
On closer look, a group of workers were toiling away under the mid afternoon sun. The man in the centre was feeding bunches of grain into a very noisy machine while the others were gathering the stalks.
A few meters away, the bundles of harvested stalks in perfect rows stood tall while the descending sun disappeared behind the hills.
Bunches of dried stalks on the move, an elderly man balanced a stick with 2 heavy loads on his shoulders. His free hand ushered his granddaughter along, a happy child, she hopped and sang as she traveled on.
Further into the village, more stalks on the go. These were heaped onto a wooden cart pulled by a single middle aged woman. A man walked ahead of her, his jacket on one arm while the other held a single pomelo, shouldn't he be helping her?
Fields of grains were not the only tilled lands, there were vegetables too! We were delighted to see different ones in varying heights with different leaf shapes. Just like the grains, they appeared to be very well cared for.
Nearby a farmer was seen wading in a pond, he bent over until the 2 gigantic watering cans was filled with water. Slowly he stood up and walked towards the pasture, we stayed a while and watched him go back and forth several times until all the plants were watered.
It was no wonder the vegetables looked so fresh and healthy, fed by the organic minerals in the soil and water, they grew strong under the sun.
We rode on and noticed the groups of buildings nearby, they were taller and bigger than the ones in this post. Like the others they were made of bricks, but these were neater in appearance and newer.
A Y-intersection pictured below, do we proceed to the left or right? We stopped to look at the map which cost 6 RMB (about $1 Canadian), it was nicely illustrated but lacked so much detail it did not resemble the neighborhood, we stayed on the main road. At this resting point I made a new discovery, the tallest structure in the middle was covered in cement, one of the few grey houses we saw.
An interesting angle in the shot below, a variety of different exterior colors and textures that distinguished their age and differentiate their material.
The whole village was going through a phase of reconstruction, building supplies were piled by the road on several residential properties.
Items were also being delivered, this small truck with planks of wood honked as he passed us...
... followed by another vehicle with bags of cement and loose gravel. The exposed engine was especially loud and spewed out thick clouds of exhaust, it was hard to breathe.
Below an unfinished home, mounds of construction materials occupied its front yard, the workers sang a tune as they plugged away.
Another incomplete house but from the looks of it the owners had already moved in. Duilian on red paper decorated its front door while tofu skins hung out to dry on the roof.
The current stage of Yangshuo, the whole street in organized chaos. Join us next week as we continue with the China trip!

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