Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guilin Postcard Day 16 A Lazy Afternoon on Li River Part 4 of 4

Hello and thank you for joining us on this week's edition of China escape! December is here and the malls are crazy with Holiday shoppers, let's continue on the Li River and relax in its calming atmosphere.

Last week our ship had an unlucky bump so the captain slowed down to prevent more water from seeping in. Luckily it was a small manageable one and thankfully everyone's attention remained on Li River's everlasting scenery of beauty and tranquility. Between picture taking and chatting with other passengers, we noted some residential buildings pictured below, a rare sight throughout the entire cruise, could we be near Yangshuo?
Our ship did not slow down but continued on, I guess we're not there yet. Further down, a close up of the homes, some of them looked big at 3 storeys high. A few fishing boats anchored to shore, some residents must be fishermen.
Nearby a sparse grove of bamboo, some were parched and brown. On the river rocks, several bundles of grain placed neatly in rows were drying under the sun, we had not seen any crops on land, where were the plantations?
A distance away, some cultivated land which did not span very far. Would this be where the bundles are harvested from? We looked for our tour guides to inquire but they were nowhere to be found, in fact they were largely unavailable and spoke very little English.
That aside, the views were just gorgeous and did not require any explanation anyways. Below a pleasant scene of buffalos grazing in the fields against the backdrop of yellowing trees and fading mountains. If the buffalos were cows, this could be a scene from a Western farm, no?
Buffalos roaming and dipping themselves in the water! Until this picture was taken I had only seen this in documentaries and books.
Back to the natural part of the river, just us and the mountains, they were now shaped taller and thinner with rounded tops.
Below a pair of slim hills with delicate looking trees in the foreground, I just think this looks so pretty.
The boat moved on at a gentle speed, we had ample opportunities for numerous landscape shots and were thankful for this.
Pictured below in the middle, surrounded by the soft ridges a reflection of a small range of trees. Isn't this the most wonderful setting?
A pile of river rocks swept by the water into a long straight shape, the straightest one we saw.
Some produce on land, a lady in blue shirt with a straw hat sat waiting by baskets of pale melons. In the water 2 bamboo rafts tied together, where is the shipment going?
Not so far away, an old house boat with laundry hung out to dry. On the shore the fishing net carefully spread out on home made bamboo stands, ready for the next day's catch.
A delightful sight! Visitors on a smaller boat smiled and waved to us, the Chinese characters on the side of the cabin said Yangshuo, are we close?
At this moment, our ship sped up and quickly caught up to the others, the engine revved loudly.
Just around the corner, numerous residential buildings, houseboats and several smaller crafts appeared. Yes! At 4 pm we finally arrived in Yangshuo, 2 hours late. Our China journey will continue next week!


  1. The landscape is so different, and the colours in the photographs are muted. The turquoise on the boats is a wonderful contrast. I am impressed how you documented this trip.

  2. Hi P.K.: Everywhere we went in China looked very different, Li River was no exception. As the boat moved on the scenery presented another wonderful view, the camera was kept very busy it was hard to edit the pictures for the post!

    In a way the whole trip was a record of what we saw, I didn't want to miss out on anything, who knows when we'll get a chance to return.