Friday, January 14, 2011

New Blog Banner

I've been thinking of a new blog banner for the last little while. So far it has been photos but something more original, something pertaining to journeys or going somewhere would be more appropriate. An idea popped up, a pencil quickly sketched out then refined in pen... Voila! A little powerboat off to sea, into the great unknown, moving ahead one small puff at a time.


  1. Fresh new look for the new year! I like it - looks like there is more space on the screen, thanks to the white background. I also like how the text is written - like the waves or the smoke coming out of the boat.

    All the best for you for the adventures of this year!

  2. Hi Julie: Thank you!! :)

    Hi Minami: I had the text straight at first, but it looked awkward so I changed it to make it look like it's traveling too. Thanks for noticing!