Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buttons and Reva

May I indulge you in a post about buttons? Earlier in the week I stopped by a little button shop called Button Button. I first heard about it on Three Bags Full, where Christine mentioned her favorite 10 cents corner so I made a mental note to be sure to check it out. Boy did I ever leave with some bargains, below are the ones that came home with me. Displayed here on yellow tissue are my 10 cents finds, an assortment of soft wooden and leather buttons. I believe these are used, the edges are worn down from years of use, its touch is luxurious compared to the brand new ones. The brightly colored carrots and pink bows are plastic orphans I managed to fish out of a large tub called Button Soup, 15 cents each. As I ran my fingers as deeply as I could through the tiny items, I felt like a kid in a sand box, it was great fun!
A close up of the leather rounds, I'm not sure what the larger ones on the left were used for, it's got an interesting shape plus a slight variation in color. The one on the right fell apart into 2 halves while I was handling it for this picture. Oh well, it's still fascinating, I really like the stitch pattern that was stamped on its surface, and that the bottom half is a contrasting dark shade.
Then there's Reva's buttons. I asked store owner Colleen who is Reva? And she began the story with a phone call from Abbotsford where a lady invited her to view the buttons she'd collected her whole life. A humble and kind person well into her 80's, her buttons were not expensive specimens but everyday samples of ones she liked. Shown here sewn onto pieces of cardboard, reused from food packaging, some vintage ocean pearl and turquoise synthetic. I could not help but notice a contrasting pink thread was chosen to pretty up the turquoise selection.
I neglected to mention the 2 front ones from Reva's collection, 5 cone shaped black ones that are unlike anything else and 3 round ones, a mysterious dark color that changes from black to all kinds of blue in different light. Well... what will I do with all these buttons? They're special of course, worthy only of special creations.

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  1. What a great find. Buttons can be used so many different ways. I have a button jar(s) collection, that is slowly growing, and waiting for the right project.