Monday, February 7, 2011

China the Mundane

Another post to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! In the kitchen there is only functional dinnerware. The chicken bowl was part of my college years, for 50 cents it held many dishes of instant noodles with boiled cabbage and poached eggs.
The blue and white palette has long been a staple of Chinese design. Hand decorated with the popular fish pattern, the ceramic soup spoons and condiment dishes were purchased at 3 for $1 from Chinatown. Though reasonably priced, they survived many years of use. I value the fact that these everyday items were carefully made and hand painted.


  1. Beautiful dishes. The fact that they are hand painted make them special.

  2. hmm. I have the same collection and share the same sentiments...thanks for a thought provoking post.

    I seem to be the one in the family who inherits all the cast off dishes....they are such a treasure to me. I'm so lucky to have such a collection.