Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese Paper Cutting

Earlier in the week I came across a dollar store that had decorated its windows with Chinese paper cuts. They were from Tianjin, China and are not regular store items. A lot of designs were already sold but I found three I like and happily purchased them at 75 cents each. They're about 9" x 12" in size, tremendous amount of detail with auspicious sayings imbedded amongst peonies, fish and various flower blooms. It must have taken a lot of time and skill to make them, the paper is so thin I was careful to handle it for fear of damaging the artwork.

I like the flower arrangement in vase motive in this one.
The cashier was kind enough to roll the paper cuts in construction paper and elastic so I could easily walk home with them. The 2 below has the Chinese character fu in it, meaning happiness. One could always use some happiness.
Here are some from the Muslim District in Xian, which we visited on our China trip in October 2007. I was glad to see the Chinese still practising this ancient craft but had to walk away without getting any as they wouldn't make it home safely in our overstuffed luggage.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful. Having tried paper cutting rather unsuccessful, I am in awe at the skill required. Thank you for sharing these.