Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Weekend

The weekend was spent cleaning a bit, cooking a bit and relaxing a bit. 2 out of the 3 foreign movies from the library were enjoyable. Tulpan was in Russian, a heartwarming story of a man who left the city to live in the country, following his dream of becoming a herdsman. But before he was given a flock to tend to he has to find a wife... Cherry Blossoms was in German, an endearing tale of an elderly couple. The story was told from multiple perspectives, his side, her side, and the point of view from their children. There was even a part about traveling to a far off land, meeting a kind stranger and dancing as an art form...

I've always liked foreign movies, somehow they fascinate me and the stories gave intimate views of the characters' lives and in doing so, glimpses into how people lived in their country. It's somehow exotic and realistic at the same time. The stories don't often have perfect endings, but isn't that how life is?
Ending the weekend with a shot of wooden tulips on the dining table. Well, tomorrow is a new start to the week and a busy one it will be. Hope you had a good weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

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