Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Snowy Sunday

The snow started yesterday and continued all night, by morning it had formed a white blanket all over the city. Some shots from this morning before everyone was awake, the snow was higher than the promised 5 cm. Walking through the winter wonderland, the smell of wood burning fireplaces and breakfast cooking, ham and eggs I imagined.
The air smelled clean and fresh, I was glad for some quiet time outdoors, only a few brave souls were walking about. Below the rhododendron leaves drooped under the weight, some flower buds on surrounding bushes were covered with white crystals.
The storm drain resembled leaf veins.
Tiny red berries peeked out from the white, the only natural crimson I saw on my walk.
Small footprints in the snow, I think these belonged to a cat.
A bird house high on the tree covered with a thick layer of snow, I hope my feathered friends have a warm place to stay.
By mid morning the snowfall was heavier, it's still snowing now, I wonder when it will stop.

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  1. Yet another random snow for us here in Vancouver. Just when I thought spring was coming :(