Sunday, March 27, 2011

Follow the Robin

Follow the robin down the trail of garden flowers
daffodils already in bloom with many others
that will soon join the parade
the hyacinths smelled absolutely lovely
a small forsythia bush complimented the picket fence
little feathered reds that reminded me of the pink tufts in Horton Hears a Who!

Rhododendrons the same ones here is now blooming
Spring is a little late this year, so the gardener says
but here I am walking discovering one bloom after another
a mysterious bulb plant, its flowers the faintest blue
Spring sprouts, magnolia buds and more Spring sprouts
white snow, pink snow, even the weeds amongst the grass is flowering

Oh what a glorious season, I hope you have a good week!


  1. Same to you Novi! Thank you for the flowers! :)

  2. How delightful that flowers are making an appearance where you are. -13 wind chill here. Thanks for the spring images.