Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coffee and Cars Jaguar E Type

The Jaguar E Type
was the piece de resistance
at the Spanish Banks Coffee and Cars.
I have only seen its type
once on the road,
all sports cars should be
this fiery red color.

I detected a wooden steering wheel,
the chrome wheel is very intricate
that is some sexy curves on that car.
As if there was not enough attention
the hood was lifted
revealing the spotless engine underneath.
The crowd quickly gathered,
car stories of all kinds
became the topic of conversation.

A cold Saturday in May,
in the company of fine cars
and pleasant company,
when is the next Coffee and Cars?

1 comment:

  1. Impressive! That E-type didn’t seem like it was decades old. In fact, it looks as if it was only bought yesterday, and was brought in all its magnificence. You were able to capture the beauty of its sleek exterior and the fine black interior of that baby. And man, that hood is actually why a Jag is on my want list!

    Kerstin Shed