Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 20 Tai O At the Pier

Welcome to this week's edition of our China trip! After a short stop at Tung Chung Fort, we headed over to the bus terminal where public transportation would take us to Tai O. Pictured below a shot from the sheltered platform where locals would take various coaches to commute between Lantau Island and other Hong Kong isles.
I seem to remember the fare was quite reasonable but could not recall how long it took. Regardless I was excited about visiting this little fishing village, it would be my first time but David's second. Peter asked if we wanted to see the shops or head to the pier first, we chose the landing as it was first on the way, our long peaceful walk under the warm afternoon sun below.
There was no one around except for the company of the young mangrove saplings waltzing in the salty breeze, all was quiet except for the sound of the sea lapping against the sand.
Looking at this closeup, I thought of science lessons in Singapore that spoke of the importance of mangroves, whose roots not only prevent erosion but also offered shelter to various marine organisms.
"An egret!" Peter exclaimed, we glanced over and witnessed a white bird as it perched on a rock, its eyes concentrating on a distant target.Then it flapped its wings...
and flapped its wings...
and flew over the water to grab a tiny fish before taking off in full flight! It must have very sharp vision to notice the small prey swimming in the water, I wish I have eyes like that.
On the other side of the quay, a father and 2 sons were fishing, but our attention was on the boats.
We walked up to discover it was a tour boat, no captain nor crew around, how much does it cost and where does it go?
Another one anchored a little ways off to shore, a similar size as the one before but of different color, its bright orange floaters contrasted nicely agains the blue.
We began to notice the fishing boats parked on the water, there was only a few but quite a mixture of size and make.
They were working boats, fishing gear and buoys and nets of all kinds, put away at the end of the day only to be deployed the very next dawn.
A row of 5 vessels, all similar size and colors, they seemed part of the same fleet.
A closer look revealed the ships to be very neat and tidy, do they catch their fish as a team?
Nearby 2 floating platforms held bags of folded nets, who do they belong to and why were they isolated to the side?
A short walk away from the pier heading towards the town, the simple concrete stools of sturdy design and sunny tiles caught my attention, we stopped for a washroom break enjoying the cool shade under the trees.
We were not the only ones relishing in the cover, a moth hung upside down from the evergreen branch above, resting in the hot afternoon glare.
People began to appear from all corners, the lady with the orange pamphlet stood out, her hat a similar fisherman style as the one here and here in this post, this must be the latest street fashion in Tai O.
Swarms of tourist began to load off the tourist buses, as we waited for David to join us we watched them stroll towards town and decided we better hurry up or the stores will be too crowded for pictures. Stay tuned next week as we explore more of Tai O!

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  1. I especially liked the photos of the egret. The contrast of the green water and white bird is striking.